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Carp Fishing Info is a carp fishing website dedicated to all things carp fishing, carp fishing baits, carp fishing venues, carp fishing image, carp fishing tips, carp fishing catch reports, in fact, everything we can find to advertise, publish, share, and sell related to carp fishing.

Awesome Venues

We are going to highlight different fisheries over the coming months, hopefully, we will visit various venues to look at the facilities and obviously the fishing, what stock is in the lake, speak to the regular anglers and if we get a chance have a chat with the owners or bailiff who works the lake.

Official Pavyotts Mill Fishery

Carp Fishing Info Blog – News – Offers & Discounts

So, this is where we will give you information about offers, discounts and news items that we think are going to be of interest to all of our visitors. We love fishing, carp fishing especially so, what we would like to do is to bring you information about carp fishing. “So what” I hear you say, well, we will also be bringing you information from various types of fishing. We might even have a little dabble into sea fishing.

Carp Venues – Reports – Galleries

Click here to see our fishing venue reviews, catch reports sent to us or shared by us and our carp galleries!

Baylys Baits Carp Fishing Baits – Quality Bait Suppliers

Founded during the 2020 pandemic and going from strength to strength with an excellent range of carp boilies, pop ups and wafters. Carp Baits, Carp Boilies, Carp Pop Ups, Carp Wafters, we are always looking for the next new bait to get the edge on our fishing. A new flavour, a new colour, will it ever end, the ongoing invention of new baiting products on the market. Do you have to spend a fortune on your baits and buy the latest market-leading baits or not?

Baylys Baits Catch Report

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